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About Me

Life is a merry go round that I get to ride everyday as an insurance producer/broker. With a backgroud in finance and human resource employee benefits, I've developed a great understanding for what the value of insurance is all about. I am able to explain the value of having insurance for both an employer and an employees standpoint.
I enjoyed setting up my table at vendor events where I have the opportunity to meet people and possibilty talk to them about the benefits of the personal policies such as homeowner/renter coverage, and the breaking down of the different life insurance plans that are availible to them.
Commerical policies are another part of who I am. I enjoyed working with small companies and sole proprietors in regards to there coverage. These companies believe that since they are a small/individual companies they don't really need or have the additional funds to get the coverage needed to run their business. That is not true, because opportunities are all around and the goal is to prevent them from becoming someones opportunity.